About The Swim

Online Registration

We encourage all swimmers to register online prior to the event at Malabar on 20 February 2022 to ensure race entry. You can register as an Individual or as a Group(team). Each swimmer or Group can raise funds online for Rainbow Club Australia and a fundraising page will be created for you if you select to fundraise. Standard Price Online entries close at 6pm on Saturday 19 February 2022.

All swimmers must be able to complete the 5km swim within the cut off time of 150mins. If swimmers have not completed the first 2.5km within 75 mins, for their safety, the Race Director reserves the right to not allow them to complete the second lap.

Minimum ages for swimmers

1km: 10 years of age on day of swim
2.5k : 13 years of age on day of swim
5k : 13 years of age on day of swim

Swim Times: (Approx.)

8am       5k race starts
9am       2.5k racestarts
11am       1k race starts


More precise details regarding a rolling start and any Covid-19 implications will be advised nearer the day

Race Day

On the Day registrations are unlikely to take place.  Please make sure you register in advance online.

When you arrive at the park:

Collect your race pack
Move to the beach
Follow all signs and announcements regarding rolling starts

The Course

The Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim course offers a choice of a 1km swim, a 2.5km swim or our NEW 5km swim, which is two laps of our 2.5km course. The start and finish is on Malabar Beach. Marker buoys are positioned to indicate the course for each swim. Check out our course map here.

Group Entries (teams)

Swim Groups

Swim groups can enter all swims in the Open Category (no age restrictions). Get your friends, colleagues and family together to Share the Magic of Swimming!

Companies, Clubs, Schools and families are encouraged to train and swim together in a friendly group competition. The first team member to enter should pick and share a group name, and all other members of the group should enter the exact group name when they register. There is no extra charge for group entries. Groups may comprise male and/or female swimmers, and all members of a team must finish. If you would like a group time this can be organised after the event has been completed. There will be no Fastest Team Prize this year.

Fundraising as a Group

We encourage you to fundraise as a group. If you have selected to fundraise, the same group name will be created for you as a Team Fundraising page automatically. You can enter as many as you like into your fundraising group.

Groups are encouraged to set a target to raise funds for Rainbow Club. You will provided with tips and resources for fundraising. We encourage you to share your experiences through social media and via email.

Swimming with a Disability

The Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim welcomes swimmers with a disability. You choose whether you wish to identify as a person with a disability when your register. Please go to our Swimmers with a Disability info page for more details or email info@malabarmagicoceanswim.com.au


  • Eligibility
    • 1km swim: Swimmers aged 10 years and above who have adequately trained for the event.
      2.5km & 5km swims: Swimmers aged 13 years and above who have adequately trained for the event.

  • Elite Wave Start
    • Only the 5km and 2.5km swim will offer a Elite Wave Start. The first wave into the water will be the Elite Wave. Top-ranked swimmers may elect to participate in the Elite Wave and will not be eligible for age category prizes.

  • Swimming Aids
    • Swimmers may use foreign swim aids such as flippers, snorkels, wetsuits or other flotation devices and can enter in the relevant age category. However, these entrants will not be eligible for age category prizes (unless the swimmer has also registered as a swimmer with a disability).

  • Cold Water
    • Wetsuits will be permitted if the water temperature drops below 18 degrees on the morning of the swim.

  • Safety and Risk
    • For the protection of all swimmers, water control and safety will be under the authority of Randwick Council lifeguards and district surf clubs. The course will be patrolled by IRBs, jet skis, ski and board paddlers. Qualified personnel in emergency first aid and medical procedures will be on site.

      Swimmers in this Event enter at their own risk. Previous swimming training is required. Ocean races are demanding and potentially dangerous. There are a number of potential safety risks including injury from marine stings and attacks, collisions with other swimmers, especially at the start and swimming around the buoys, and possible life-threatening situations due to dangerous currents, big surf, lack of physical fitness, fatigue, or other health problems. You should consider the depth of the water when entering the swim and, if in doubt, we recommend that you wade into the water to a depth where it is safe to shallow dive. Please do not assume that the depth of the water is safe to dive into based on previous years xperience. You should also ensure that you are medically fit to attempt this Event. Water Safety is provided by highly qualified personnel from Randwick Council Lifeguards and district surf club lifesavers, but they cannot guarantee your safety. If you feel unable to proceed further at any stage of the swim, raise your hand in the air and call for assistance. Look for water safety personnel on boards, jet skis or in the red rubber ducky boats. The Organisers reserve the right to bring to shore by water safety personnel, any entrants judged to be incapable of proceeding further in the swim or completing the course in a reasonable time. The Organisers also reserve the right to alter the course of the Event for some categories or for all categories of swimmers, if they believe it is necessary to do so in the interests of safety.

      If a swimmer feels unable to continue, they should attract the attention of the water safety personnel and assistance will be provided.

      A swimmer judged incapable of finishing the course will be brought to shore by the safety personnel. Any swimmer who pulls out of the swim must notify officials on the beach immediately.

  • Water bottle filling stations
    • Rainbow Club takes a positive and strong approach with use of plastics. We encourage all participants to be self-reliant and bring your own fluids, water, drinks in your own reusable water bottles. To keep our beaches beautiful and do our bit for the environment. We are trying to eliminate the requirement for single-use plastic water bottles. We will be providing refilling stations on event day, and we encourage all our participants to bring their own bottles or purchase a Malabar Magic water bottle as you register ready for collection on the event day. All proceeds will go towards Rainbow Club Australia to help provide more clubs in areas of great need. Hydration and fruit will be available for all swimmers. For COVID health practices the only fluids the race organiser will provide is bottled water after the race. We ask you to support or mission and bring your own fluids.