Online Fundraising

How to kick off your fundraising

1. Set up your fundraising page

Start Fundraising

2. Add a little personality to your page!

The most powerful thing about your fundraising campaign is you! Add a portrait photo and a personal message so your friends and family know it’s you!

3. Make your first donation

This will show your commitment to your friends and family.

4. Focus on 5 friends

To kick start your, fundraising, email your fundrasing link to 5 people close to you. That's just 2 family members, two friends and a favourite colleague. People like to get behind a campaign that already has momentum.

5. Share your page

Share your fundraising page with your wider network, via the social and email share buttons on your page.

You will see it feels great when your friends and family support your fundraising efforts. We can't wait to see what happens. There is a support button on your fundraising page if you need a little help.

With your fantastic support, the Rainbow Club can continue to provide individualised swimming lessons for children with disabilities so that everyone can experience the joy of swimming. Thank you and enjoy the Murray Rose Malabar Magic Ocean Swim!

Download your Fundraising Tool Kit Here.

Download a Flyer or Poster

6. 'Free Swim' Rebate

What is the ‘Free Swim’ Initiative? 

Free swim is a fundraising initiative where if you fundraise $500+ for the Malabar Magic, the cost of your entry fee will be rebated to you, giving you a free swim! 

Download your Free Swim FAQs Here.